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Hey there! I’m Michelle, a writer and podcaster who left the tech world in search of something else. My journey starts with leaving behind a life I created around what I thought I was supposed to do and now I’m exploring what a life aligned with my values really looks like.

This includes moving out of software sales into creative entrepreneurship, taking a never ending sabbatical, fighting the addictive powers of social media and living intentionally in a way that aligns with my values. Come join this community if those sound like things you’re thinking about as well!

I also like to throw in some personal stories including my search to find the future Mr. Varghoose.

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Build A Wealthy Spirit Podcast

My sister, Sammie, and I also release episodes of our podcast, Build A Wealthy Spirit every Tuesday. We discuss ways to become financially secure so that you have a stable foundation to start building a life aligned with your values.

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